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The OTM Traveling Award was created to recognize member institutions that do an excellent job recognizing programs and individuals on their campus all year. Each institution that participates in OTMs is automatically in the running for this award.


Institutions earn points by submitting campus winners and winning regional and/or NACURH-level OTMs. The breakdown is as follows:


Campus Winner: 5 points

Regional Winner: 10 points

NACURH Winner: 25 points


Points are calculated for each affiliation year from April to March of the following year. The spreadsheet below will be continually updated with current standings. The institution in first place at the conclusion of April OTMs will receive a customized certificate and will be presented with a traveling plaque that they maintain through the duration of the next affiliation year.


2020 | Northern Arizona University

2019 | University of Akron 

2018 | University of California, San Diego

2017 | Western Kentucky University 

2016 | University of California, San Diego

2015 | Colorado State University

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