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In May 2020, NACURH partnered with our professional counterpart, ACUHO-I, to launch a re-developed OTM database. Though this database has had success in hosting OTMs over the past two years, it has also been riddled with a number of system-breaking bugs which have greatly affected user experiences that continue to hinder the site's performance. Due to this, NACURH recently decided to end our agreement with ACUHO-I regarding the OTM database and internally develop a temporary OTM system to replace the database as we continue to look for a permanent solution. This solution will be hosted right here on the NRHH website under the upcoming “Submit an OTM!” page. This new process and submission page will be going live on January 1, 2023. 

To submit an OTM go to the 'submit an OTM' page under the OTMs tab. 

What does this mean for nominators?

If your only use of the OTM database is as a nominator, this change will only affect where you are submitting your nominations. You will not log into an account anymore, and will submit your nominations through the form on the “Submit an OTM!” page. Unfortunately, we are unable to track your nominations through this system, but hope to be able to in the future once we find a permanent OTM solution.

What does this mean for campus administrators?

If you are a campus administrator, you can navigate to the upcoming “Campus Administrators” page under the OTM tab to find information about how to submit your campus winning OTMs. This page will go live in the coming weeks as we prepare for the January OTM voting period in February.


Please refer to the NRHH Policy Book and the NACURH Policy Book regarding the in the NRHH awards section regarding O

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