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NRHH Committees and Task Forces

NRHH Strategic Planning Committee

The NRHH Strategic Planning Committee is charged with enacting the current NRHH Strategic Plan. This includes handling data collection, reviewing policy, and developing the future of the honorary. 

NACURH OTM Selection Committee

The NACURH OTM Selection Committee shall be responsible for assisting the NACURH Associate for NRHH (NAN) with the selection of NACURH-level Of The Month (OTM) awards.

NRHH Policy Committee

The NRHH Policy Committee is responsible for reviewing the NRHH Governing Documents (NRHH Policy Book and NRHH Bylaws) for redundancies. misspellings, outdated services, and other inaccuracies to better match policy and practice within the honorary.

NRHH OTM Database Task Force

The NRHH OTM Database Task Force is responsible for determining what NRHH and its affiliates needs in an Of The Month (OTM) Award database. This task force will also work in collaboration with the NACURH Corporate Office in the creation of that database.

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