The NACURH OTM Selection Committee shall be responsible for assisting the NACURH Associate for NRHH (NAN with the selection of NACURH-level Of The Month (OTM) awards. The committee will be selected, facilitated, and chaired by the NAN.


  • Serving as an unbiased member of the committee, making selections solely on the content of the OTM nomination

  • Reading the NACURH-level OTM award nominations, as assigned and facilitated by the NAN, and select the recipients of designated categories between the 18th and 24th day of every month.

  • Attending any NACURH OTM Selection Committee training facilitated by the NAN.

  • Attending all committee chats hosted by the NAN.

  • Having the option to serve on OTM-related subcommittees or task forces as they arise.

  • Assisting with any OTM-related guides or presentations at the discretion of the NAN.


Ally Marshall
Amanda Spindler
Ashlyn Alvarado
Bryan Gomez
Courtney Dobbins
Dawson Davis
Greyson Cox
Greyson Lawler
John Lloyd
Kailey Squier
Katelyn Neeley
Kellee Steffen
Lara Nakisli
Matthew Taboni
Megan Berry
Meredith Weiss
Monica Flores
Patrick Rosengrant
Rachel Border
Shannan Lunar
Yana Crossland
Yuewen (Wendy) Wang