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The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is the premiere honorary supported by the leading international organization advocating for the interests and welfare of residence hall students, while also providing opportunities for their personal growth and development. NRHH strives to provide recognition for individuals who have contributed to the advancement of college and university housing. It ensures the advancement of member chapters through resource sharing, programming, and leadership development opportunities to contribute and support the vision of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls, Incorporated.


NRHH is a branch of NACURH, Inc. All member institutions of NACURH are eligible to host an NRHH Chapter on their campus. NRHH offers many services in conjunctions with NACURH and it affiliates. The honorary leadership is made up of a NACURH NRHH Board of Directors (NNBD) with representation from each regional affiliate. As NACURH is NRHH's parent organization, NRHH is intertwined with the NACURH corporate structure. As such, some NRHH matters are presented before the combined leadership of NACURH or the NACURH Board of Directors (NBD). The NACURH Associate for NRHH (NAN), a member of the NACURH Executive Team, serves as the director of NRHH and represents NRHH in all NACURH matters. The NAN oversees the NNBD, the implementation of a NACURH-wide OTM program, among other things. Each of NACURH's eight regional affiliates have a leadership structure that includes an Associate Director for NRHH (ADNRHH). Each ADNRHH is a voting member of the NNB and leads NRHH both within their respective region and as part of the NNBD. Additionally, the NACURH Corporate Office has a representative that sits on the NNBD to provide perspective.



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